A superfood against malnutrition.

We are fighting against malnutrition in Kenya with an innovative and award-winning* concept.

* i.a. Green Tec Award and Aspirin Social Innovation Award winner to the awards

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Power to Grow.

At a glance:

20 team members you can count on. Each individual team member contributes his or her individual strengths where they are needed. Together, we are making enormous progress and growing beyond ourselves.

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A project that saves lives. We are combating malnutrition in Kenya with a superfood that grows where traditional agriculture does not work. According to the UN, spirulina is the food of the future.

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We want to create good things. With passion and know-how we want to do the people in Kenya good and create a new source of income for them. In line with the principle of "helping people to help themselves".

How we help.

The food of the future: Spirulina.

The green is growing and helps the environment.


A lot of protein, B-vitamins and 10x as much yield as high performance wheat in Europe.


Only 1% water consumption compared to beef.


16x as large CO2-binding as rainforest on the same area.

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An excellent concept.

Our project has already won several awards. A selection:

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