The project - Thriving Green

Give a man a spirulina and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man how to grow spirulina and the man feeds his village every day.

Problem & Target group

  • Place: Turkana, Kenya
  • Temperatures above 45° Celsius
  • Average daily income of 1.50 €
  • Region: extreme heat, drought and poverty
  • Exacerbation through climate change
  • Children's mortality: ca. 25%

The product

The microalga Spirulina is perfect food for the target regions: Spirulina is a Superfood, grows under conditions where plants cannot survive and protects the environment.

The nutrient profile (290 kcal, 65 g protein per 100 g and numerous vitamins) prevents the severe consequences of malnutrition. Daily harvest, high yields, low water consumption and the effective CO2 binding make Spirulina the best food for the future.

The same area can feed 10 times more people than wheat. The innovative foodstuff enjoys a high level of market acceptance.

Concept & Vision

Thriving Green grows Spirulina in the desert of Kenya and uses this superfood to fight hunger and malnutrition. For this we build together with the local breeders and train them in cultivation, operation and sales. Regular workshops enable them to sustainably feed themselves, their families and their whole village.

The income generated from the independent operation of own breeding facilities also generates an economic upswing, which provides people with a completely new basis for life, e. g. access to education and medical care. The technical solution has been verified by TÜV Nord, the ecological sustainability has been confirmed by WWF and has also been awarded with the Social Innovation Award of the Bayer Foundation and GreenTec Award 2017, the largest and most important environmental award in the world.

Our vision is sustainably combatting malnutrition through Spirulina cultivation.

To achieve this, we are committed to this mission:

By setting up Spirulina basins, training local Spirulina farmers, distributing Spirulina and otherwise supporting cultivation processes, we aim to help people suffering from malnutrition in crisis regions such as Turkana, northern Kenya. In accordance with the principle of "helping people to help themselves", the focus is on empowering the target group to successfully cultivate Spirulina. Through economic viability and technological support, the Spirulina farmers should be able to provide themselves, their families and their entire village with the superfood Spirulina and generate additional income.

Our goals until the end of 2019 are:

  • Improvement of the cultivation facility and optimization of production processes
  • Expansion of the cultivation facility
  • Continuous measurement of the Spirulina basins and support of the cultivation process by sensor systems
  • Continuous on-site support by project members and partners
  • Commercial viability

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Winner Green Tec Awards

  • 2017
  • world's largest environmental award

Winner Aspirin Social Innovation Award

  • 2017
  • awarded by Bayer Foundation